My Craft Room (in all its glory)!

This project has been years in the making and in recent past, months in the making.  I’ve always wanted a space that it easy to use and maintain where everything has a place.  Not much to ask, right?  Well, my dad is awesome and it’s done!
Craft Room Before

First, I emptied out the entire room, which was FULL to the gills.  I ended up with piles of stuff all over the house and a giant horde in my guest room.
Don’t judge me please!

Then we did some measuring and all that good stuff and dad got to work.  I was outside building a lean to for my mower.  I wasn’t much help to him on this project. 
Craft Room Before
desk building

Then, once it was built it became my huge project.  I had to do the wood putty/caulk/sanding/painting.
desk building
Caulk is trickier to use than you’d think.
desk building

I first painted it with wall paint, then I thought that’s probably not going to last very well, so then I put a couple of extra coats of Porch and Deck paint on it.  Then I learned that you can’t use polyurethane on white paint.  Or on latex paint.  It was yellow and made the paint bubble in places.  Very disappointing.  I was hoping for something with a harder finish, because paint gets scuffed so easily.  I never did find a great solution, so I painted over the topcoat I used and I’m left with a scuffed desk.  Oh well.
Desk Finishing

Also, he broke his cardinal rule and built me drawers! They are great!
Desk Finishing

Once it was painted and deemed finished, then I realized how icky and dark the closet was, so I emptied it out too and painted it white.
Closet paint
Closet paint

Then I spray painted my dresser for this room blue.  Valspar has some awesome colors, thought I wasn’t entirely impressed with the quality of the paint/sprayer.  It’s finished nonetheless, and I LOVE the color. I’ll post some tips for painting this dresser next time! Tape and trash bags is a good hint of what I’ll have to share.
Dresser Before
Craft Room After

Then my mom came over and helped me get my house back in order.  We got the room all clean and beautiful.  I am donating a bunch of stuff and I threw away so much stuff.


Craft Room After
Craft Room After
Craft Room After
Love the storage for my buttons!
Craft Room After

Oh, and here’s the guest room to prove I really cleaned! 🙂
Clean Room After


3 thoughts on “My Craft Room (in all its glory)!

    • I was one of those room dividers probably from Pier One that my grandpa gave me. I took the panels apart and just used two behind the dresser. I saved the other two and will hopefully find a project for them sometime. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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